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Natural Awakenings Central-Eastern Connecticut

2023 Annual Natual Living Resource Directory Issue

IN THIS ISSUE: The Microbiome Connection: How Soil and Human Health Are Related, Avoiding the Summer of Lost Pets, Regenerative Farming Practices Meet Naturopathic Medicine, Anne Biklé on the Advantages of Regenerative Farming, Hues of Health Benefits of a Colorful Diet, Fighting Climate Change in the Garden: Regenerative Techniques for a Healthy Ecosystem, Too Much Histamine: Natural Solutions to an Excessive Allergic Response, Gut Health for Kids: Clever Strategies for Picky Eaters, Protecting Pets From Lyme Disease: Prevention and Symptom Management Tips, Green Exercise: Reconnecting with Nature, Gardening Therapy: Healing Mind, Body and Spirit in the Yard, The Sweet Tapestry of Summer, and more.