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Natural Awakenings Central-Eastern Connecticut

Food As Medicine

Balancing Stress: Better Sleep More Energy

This series discusses the mechanism of action of food on the body and its healing abilities. In this lecture the focus is on balancing stress for better sleep and more energy. Excess stress can impinge on our health physically, mentally, and emotionally. Chronic stress can shut down digestion and impede the immune response. Foods that support the nervous system and keep stress in balance are key. Come and discover: • What is cortisol and the part it plays in stress • Which vitamins reduce stress and the foods that contain them • Foods that help to “ground” rather than “stimulate” • Why Omega 3 and magnesium are important • Adaptogens and the role they play in reducing stress • Herbal teas that de-stress the body and mind • Best oil for oil pulling to remove tension from the jaw • How self-massage with appropriate dosha oils rejuvenates • Why warm oil on feet before bedtime stimulates sleep • Herbs that can be used in food, teas, as oils and aromatherapy • Foods to avoid that increase stress and anxiety • Why an eating schedule is important

Date & Time

April 23, 2024

7:00PM - 8:00PM

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