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Natural Awakenings Central-Eastern Connecticut

New Energy Rejuvenation Platform Offered in Southington

In addition to the Energy Enhancement System (EES), Sanaré Wellness in Southington, Connecticut, has added a new modality to its energy wellness center. The BioCharger generates four beneficial types of energy: pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs), electrodynamic (voltage), frequencies and harmonics, and photonic (light).

Together, these essential energies that exist in nature can contribute to optimal cellular function to help the body rejuvenate the way it was intended to. The vast majority our time is spent indoors away from the sun. By exposing the body to these restorative energies, it stimulates cellular function, enhancing energy levels and improving mental clarity.

Regular sessions with the BioCharger can support overall wellness by promoting relaxation, reducing inflammation, accelerating recovery and improving sleep quality, making it a part of a balanced, holistic lifestyle.

For more information visit and, call Sanaré Wellness for an appointment at 860-600-0106 or email Admin@Sanaré.life.