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New Book Focuses on Healthy Masculinity

Jody Grose has published Return to the Fire to Remember What We’ve Long Forgotten: Understanding and Celebrating Healthy Masculinity. The book explores the dynamics that have impacted men’s souls while offering a road map toward healthy masculinity. 

Shunning the circular reasoning of popular self-help models, this book unpacks the historical, cultural and psychological underpinnings influencing men’s daily behaviors. Using personal and clinical experiences, myths and Jungian archetypes, Grose invites inward reflection on one’s experiences and beliefs. Thus welcomed into a space of blessing and inward healing, readers will gain fresh understanding and compassion, thereby bringing hope in transforming how boys are raised, and how men live in relation to themselves, their relationships and the planet.

For more information about Jody Grose and Return to the fire programs or to order the book, visit, Amazon and other bookstores.