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Natural Awakenings Central-Eastern Connecticut

Vedaji Travels to Lead July Yoga and Spiritual Awakening Retreat

Vedaji, a yogi, guru, mystic, community builder and teacher to thousands throughout the world, is traveling to Connecticut this summer to lead the Master Your Mind, Open Your Heart yoga and spiritual awakening retreat on July 19 through 21, 2024, at Mercy by the Sea in Madison, Connecticut. Vedaji currently travels with his retreats and group tours throughout the United States, Europe and India. 

In this retreat, Vedaji will help you dive into the ancient wisdom of Vedanta and Bhakti yoga while utilizing the five sacred elements to come into balance with yourself and those around you. The workshop includes ancient yogic practices like asana, meditation, kirtan (musical mantra meditation), breathwork and sound healing.

As the founder of Food4Lives and Mindful Seva Institute, Vedaji’s life purpose is to raise global consciousness, eliminate the mental health crisis, help people open their hearts and create spiritual communities throughout the world. Through his Chitta Cleanse Technique, he assists those looking to overcome harmful patterns and traumas in their life to ultimately find their unique purpose.

While limited rooms on campus remain, plenty of commuter passes and day passes remain available. Discounted off-site housing and an associated shuttle service are available to commuters. This is a not-for-profit event; 100 percent of net proceeds from this retreat go directly to Food4Lives.

For more information and to register, call 860-808-8201, email [email protected] or visit