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Natural Awakenings Central-Eastern Connecticut

The Greening Promise of May

“May, more than any other month of the year, wants us to feel most alive.” ~ Fennel Hudson

Are your fingers also tapping petulantly as you wait for the last frost to pass? How are you channeling that impatience to get your hands in the dirt and plant the seedlings you brought up or plan to buy out? As we head into the greening promise of May, remember it is the month that holds Mother’s Day. Here at Natural Awakenings, we also focus on the theme of women’s wellness in our May edition.

Several local authors grace our Natural Awakenings Central and Eastern Connecticut pages, including functional medicine practitioner Dr. Charles Guglin covering preventive health and lifestyle options in our “Healthy Age Management for Post-Menopausal Women” article. Pamela Drzewiecki focuses on ways we can nurture self-care, balance and introspection no matter what age and stage we are in. For athletes and those trying to get into better shape, we have a fascinating “Nutrition and Athletic Performance Around the Menstrual Cycle” article from integrative sports nutritionist Drew Mulvey. In addition, chiropractor Dr. Victoria Chamberlin delves into prenatal and postnatal care for mom as well as pediatric chiropractic help for the new baby.

The information and insights keep on coming with other articles in this chockful May edition, including finding balance being gluten-free with some great recipes, fostering puppies to be guide dogs, modern midwifery and natural birth, hormonal harmony, and so much more.

We have some great resources for you to check out in our community resource guide and on our article pages. These amazing businesses and practitioners are the backbone of our healthy community (and the magazine) so please reach out to them for support along your healthy living journey. And remember to check the calendar for healthy living events around our area.

Let’s use the motivating month of May to celebrate our mothers, ourselves and Mother Earth. Take some time for self-care, for reflection and for prioritizing what is truly important. And, yes, go ahead and start prepping the garden.


Ariana Rawls Fine, Publisher