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Nourished Rose Functional Nutrition Debuts as Remote Women’s Health Practice

Kaitlin Nealon, NTP, IC-FHS

Kaitlin Nealon, NTP, IC-FHS, a holistic nutritionist and functional hormone specialist, recently launched a remote women’s health practice. Nourished Rose Functional Nutrition LLC is focused on providing educating, empowering and compassionate care to women from an innovative and root-cause approach. Nealon is passionate about helping women to balance their hormones naturally, achieve optimal fertility, and holistically address the underlying causes of complex cases, including but not limited to PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, PMDD/PMS, thyroid imbalances, and absent or painful menstruation.

Nealon offers two remote services: “Nourished Roots” and “Flourish and Grow.” These include her analysis of comprehensive client forms on Nutri-Q, such as a health history questionnaire, a 300+ symptom questionnaire, and a food and mood journal to inform her bio-individual, client-specific approach. Depending on the service chosen, Nealon utilizes functional lab tests like Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, the Organic Acids Test and the GI-MAP to uncover root causes behind her client’s symptoms.

“Women deserve more than band-aid solutions; they deserve to be educated on how they can support themselves and take leadership over their own health,” says Nealon. “I believe my clients are the experts of their own bodies and as a practitioner it is my role to facilitate space for us to collaborate as partners. The body is wise and has immense capacity for transformation when given the space to unfold its stories in a compassionate container. It is my goal to provide this in addition to my knowledge base.”

For more information, visit or email [email protected].